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Monday, August 9, 2021

Health Tips: Which rice is best for red, white, black and brown health, know!

Nowadays people are very much conscious about health. 
Especially those who want to lose weight or are diabetic patients. Rice is made in all of our homes. We can try different types of dishes with rice.

But in the recent past, health conscious people have started eating brown and other varieties of rice instead of white. Red, brown, white and black rice are available in the market. Their color depends on the nutrients. Let us know how many types of rice are there and what are the benefits.

White rice

White rice is mostly made in all our homes. Out of all the varieties of rice available in the market, white rice is the most processed. In this, the bran, husk and germs are removed well. Because of which they do not spoil quickly. But due to over-processing, the nutritional elements are reduced. It contains anti-oxidants, proteins, thiamine, vitamins. Apart from this, the amount of fiber in white rice is less. It contains a good amount of calcium and folate.

brown rice

Brown rice consists of bran and sprouts, only the husk is removed from it. They are more nutritious than white rice. It contains flavonoids and anti-oxidants which keep you healthy and disease free. Brown rice has the same calories and carbs as white rice. However, it is high in protein and fiber. This variety of rice works to maintain sugar and insulin.

red rice

This rice contains an anti-oxidant called anthocyanin which works to give red color to the rice. It contains a good amount of iron which keeps inflammation and blood pressure under control. This rice is beneficial for those who want to lose weight as it takes time to digest. Eating it does not cause hunger quickly and the stomach also remains full for a long time. It contains many nutritious elements including fiber, protein. It helps in preventing cancer cells in your body. Apart from this, it is beneficial for heart and diabetes patients.

black rice

Black rice is also called purple rice. The color is black due to the phytochemicals present in its bran. This variety of rice is rich in protein, fiber, vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Research has been told that black rice is rich in all types of anti-oxidants and its glycemic index is also low. Antioxidants reduce the damage of free radicals, due to which the risk of serious diseases is reduced. Black rice helps in reducing weight and maintaining sugar level.

which one is more beneficial

Out of all these, red, brown, black rice is the healthy option. They are rich in anti-oxidants, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. White rice is more processed, due to which the nutritional content is less. You eat any rice regularly. Because the amount of calories in rice is high and therefore eating in excess quantity is not beneficial for health.

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