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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Independence Day Know price difference between 1947 to 2021 check here full price list

Today India is celebrating the 75th anniversary of independence. 
The picture of India that became independent 75 years ago was quite different from now, which you must have seen many times on the Internet, TV or newspapers. In these 75 years, India is moving ahead as a new India. India has accepted many challenges in these 75 years and has also made a lot of progress. However, even today India has many challenges, including inflation.

In such a situation, today we tell you that when India became independent, then what was the condition of inflation. In these 75 years, there has been a lot of change in the prices and the price of the goods which used to come less than Re 1 has become more than Rs 100 today. Let us see how much were the prices of your everyday items at the time of independence and what has become their rate today… do you know how much has changed in the rate of everyday items?

How much has changed?

Now if we compare the rates of that time with now, then the prices of goods have increased by almost 100 percent. According to a report in Live Mint, today you need more than Rs 100 to buy the goods which were available for few paise earlier. The special thing is that this condition is mostly of goods, whether it is petrol or gold and silver.

If we talk about petrol, then in the year 1947, petrol was available for Rs 0.27 a liter and now it has to cost more than Rs 100.

In the year 1947, a newspaper used to come for 0.13 rupees, but now it has to cost 5 rupees.

At the same time, if we talk about flight tickets from Delhi to Mumbai, then 140 rupees had to be spent, whereas now it has to cost 8 to 10 thousand rupees.

Earlier the cinema ticket was Rs 0.30, which is now around Rs 250.

At the same time, the condition of milk is also similar. Earlier milk was available for Rs 0.12 a liter, but today one has to spend up to Rs 60 for a liter of milk.

If we talk about gold, at that time the price of 10 grams of gold was less than 100 rupees, but now the price of gold has reached 50 thousand rupees.

However, after 75 years today the picture of India has changed a lot. India has made a lot of development in many areas and today India is on new heights in many areas. Because of this, India is quite different from other countries of the world in many ways.

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