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Sunday, August 15, 2021

If You have Cough Do not take these 8 things by mistake, bacterial infection load will increase

infections in the monsoon cause people to have coughs and fevers Taking medicine in this environment reduces the fever, but does not relieve the cough quickly. Doctors say that certain food and drink items can increase the problem of cough and mucus in the chest.


According to experts, milk should be strictly avoided when coughing. Drinking milk increases the cough in the chest which increases the problem of cough. You should avoid dairy products in any way.


Doctors say that rice has a cooling effect and has mucus-forming properties. This exacerbates the problem of whooping cough. This is the reason why the doctor advises to stay away from rice, yoghurt, spicy food, banana, etc. in case of cold-cough or throat infection.


Sugar should also not be consumed in case of cough. This scene works to trigger the problem of inflammation. Not only that, sugar can weaken the immune system and increase cough-fever.


Avoid caffeinated beverages if you have a cough. Caffeine works to dehydrate the bones of the throat which increases the problem of cough.


Like sugar, alcohol also works to increase the problem of filamentation in the chest. It is also dangerous for our white blood cells which tightens the wound healing process of the body.

Fry food

In the monsoon, people often prefer tea and hot pakodas. But don't forget to eat fried foods if you have a cough due to a bacterial infection. Fried, oily foods or fried foods will damage your throat and make cough symptoms worse.

Processed food

Also keep away from processed foods if you have a cough problem in the rain, you should not consume things like canned food, soups or ketchup available in the market.

Cool things

If you are bothered by coughing this season, then avoid eating cold things. You should not drink ice cream or cold water or juice. Cold things will make your cough worse.

Eating these things will bring relief

\If you have a cough caused by a bacterial infection, consuming things like cinnamon, raw garlic or cloves can relieve your sore throat. Rich in medicinal properties, these items can relieve cough to a great extent.

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