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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

If you give this information to the government around you, you will get 3 lakh rupees, know how?

The central government and the state government are taking continuous steps to stop female feticide. 
State governments have also started many schemes to control this. You can also contribute to this initiative of the government and for this the government will also give you incentive money. In such a situation, by contributing to this scheme of the government, you can do very helpful work not only for the government but also for the society, for which you will get reward.

In such a situation, know how you can take advantage of this scheme and contribute to social work. Know which scheme of the government is this, in which the incentive amount is being increased significantly.

The Rajasthan government had started the informer scheme under the PCPNDT Act to curb doctors and others involved in fetal sex testing. Recently, now the amount given under this scheme has been increased. This amount has been increased from 2.5 lakh to three lakh now. With this, three lakh rupees will be given to the people who cooperate with the government in this scheme.

What is it to do?

Actually, it is a legal offense to find out the sex of the child before birth. In such a situation, the government has started the informer scheme to control it. In this scheme, if you come to know about any such case, where doctors are doing this illegal work or any parents are also doing this, then you can inform the government about it. If your information is found correct, then you are given three lakh rupees by the government.

That's how you get money?

In this scheme, a total incentive amount of three lakh rupees is paid to the pregnant woman and her colleague in two installments. The first installment of the amount of 2.5 lakhs prescribed in the scheme was given on the successful completion, second installment was given after the complaint was filed in the court and the third installment was decided. Now the informer, the decoy pregnant woman and the associate will be given the first installment after the successful decoy and the second installment after the statement in support of the prosecution in the court.

Earlier, a pregnant woman was given a total amount of one lakh rupees in three installments, but now she will be given a total amount of one and a half lakh rupees in two installments as an incentive. Also, in the past, the informer used to get Rs.33 thousand 250 per installment in three installments, Rs.16 thousand 625 per installment to the associate. But, now 50-50 thousand rupees will be paid to the informer in two installments and 25-25 thousand rupees to the associate.

Where can I complain?

If you have any information then you can complain on toll free number 104/108 and whatsapp number 9799997795.

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