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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

If you are troubled by skin allergies and rashes in monsoon, then these methods will come in handy!

The rainy season gives relief from the scorching heat, but also creates many problems because the humidity in the atmosphere increases during this season. Know here how to deal with fungal infections in monsoon.

The month of Sawan is going on. In this season, the monsoon exerts its full force and there is a sight of rain everywhere. This season gives a lot of relief from the scorching heat, but due to the increased humidity in the atmosphere, many problems also occur during this time.

There are many problems like skin problems, allergies and rashes. Due to these, itching, burning and irritation occur and sometimes the skin also gets damaged. Know here such asana methods that can prove to be helpful in getting you relief from these monsoon problems.

1. Ringworm: During the rainy season, the problem of ringworm occurs in many people. If this problem is already there, then it gets worse. Ringworm is also a type of fungal infection. In such a situation, do not use someone else's towel or cloth. Wash your clothing with warm water with Dettol or any other antiseptic solution and detergent. Keep the ringworm area dry and do not touch it frequently. Apart from this, use any ointment on the advice of a doctor.

2. Rashes: During the monsoons, there are also problems like rashes and prickly heat. Both have problems like itching, stinging and burning. In such a situation, many times the infection increases due to scratching and wounds start to occur. So don't touch them too much and don't itch too much. It takes about a week for a normal rash to heal. In such a situation, avoid wearing tight clothes. Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes. Do not go out in extreme heat and humidity. Take a cool bath and use calamine lotion to get relief from itching. Boiling neem leaves in water and bathing in that water also gives great relief.

3. Itching on the scalp: Not only does fungal infection occur on all parts of the body during the month of monsoon, but it is also common to have head infections. Actually in this season either the scalp becomes too dry or too oily. In both cases, the problem of itching in the head increases. Sometimes there is also the problem of pimples etc. In such a situation, avoid getting wet in rain water. If you get wet for any reason, then come home and wash your head with shampoo. Do not tie your hair until it is completely dry. Wash your hair with neem water once a week.

4. Athlete's foot: Some people get fungal infection in the feet during this season. In such a situation, there are watery rash on the feet, in which there is a problem of itching. To avoid this, avoid getting the feet wet in the dirty water of the rain. Do not wear shoes in this season, especially do not wear wet shoes at all. Instead, wear slippers or floaters. Wash your feet thoroughly with Dettol water regularly while sleeping at night and apply coconut oil on the affected area.

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