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Thursday, August 5, 2021

How important is breast feeding for baby and mother, know doctor's opinion

Breast Feeding Week 2021: Breast milk is the biggest gift given by God to children. It contains all the essential nutrients, anti-oxidants and enzymes.

Breast Feeding Week 2021: When you become a mother for the first time, every feeling related to motherhood is completely new. At the same time, the mother does not have experience of any work and work related to the child, due to which many kinds of difficulties come to the fore. One of these is to get the child breast feeding. But do you know that the first food of the child is the mother's milk, which is like nectar for him. World Breastfeeding Week is observed every year for a week from 1st August. Celebration of World Breastfeeding Week began with the Innocenty Declaration to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. Let us know from Dr. Shaily Anand , Gynecologist at Rosewalk Hospital, why breast milk is the first food of babies and how important breast feeding is for the baby and the mother.

How important is breastfeeding for babies?
Mother's milk is the greatest gift given by God to the children. It contains all the essential nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes. The mother's immune system makes antibodies to some common viruses/bacteria and those antibodies reach the baby's body through breast milk. This protects the newborn from many diseases. Some antibodies found in breast milk protect the baby throughout its life. Especially immediately after birth, mother's milk is said to be like nectar for any child. One of the specialties of mother's milk is that it does not get infected in any way like bottle milk, nor is there any fear of harm to the baby due to its temperature.

In the current hectic life, many times it is not possible for the mother to breastfeed the children. What do you have to say about this?
Breastfeeding is very beneficial not only for the baby but also for the mother's body. That is why it is necessary that every mother must feed milk to her child for a few months after birth. Research suggests that lactating mothers are able to lose weight easily after delivery. Breastfeeding the baby burns about 500 calories more per day, which makes the body fit. Similarly, the uterus of lactating women reaches its normal position more quickly than others. It also reduces the risk of bleeding and anemia. The risk of infection in such women is also less.

How is breastfeeding related to the emotional bond between mother and child?
It is always said that breastfeeding strengthens the bond between mother and child. It also has a scientific basis. Some happy hormones are secreted by the emotional bond between mother and child. This reduces the chances of going into depression after delivery. This also increases the feeling of confidence. Breastfed babies cry less and behave better. Also, such a mother is able to understand the feelings of her child better.

Is there a direct link between breastfeeding and disease prevention?
Research suggests that lactating women have a lower risk of diseases like breast cancer, uterine cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and hypertension. Similarly, problems like diarrhoea, constipation and preterm necrotizing enterocolitis are less common in breastfed babies. Their respiratory system is also better and they are also less prone to cold, pneumonia or other such diseases. Children also have benefits like reducing ear or eye infection and keeping eyes sharp. In fact, if we talk about the benefits of breastfeeding for children, then a whole book can be written.

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