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Thursday, August 19, 2021

How Dangerous to Reuse Of Cooked Oil, FSSAI Warning

oil when making pakoda or puri This oil is also often used to make other things. This is done to prevent the oil from being wasted. But isn't that the right thing to do? Reuse or reused oil can cause serious illnesses.

According to a study, reheating oil to make a meal releases toxins and can increase free radicals in the body. This increases the risk of inflammation and many other diseases. According to FSSAI guidelines, reuse oil should not be reused. It can be used three times to prevent trans fat.

Learn what the expert says

Reheating should be avoided as much as possible. According to these experts, let's find out how much damage is caused by using reuse oil.

Experts say that the number of times a person can use reuse oil depends on what type of food is avoided, what type of oil it is and how long it was heated at what temperature.

Toxic fumes are emitted from oil heated at high temperatures. Therefore, it should be heated only till it reaches the smoke point.

Increases the risk of heart disease

At higher temperatures, some of the fat present in the oil is converted into trans fat. Trans fats are harmful fats that increase the risk of heart disease. The amount of trans fat increases further when the oil is reused. It raises cholesterol levels in the body.

The food produces reactions such as moisture, atmospheric oxygen, high temperature hydrolysis, oxidation and polymerization. These reactions produce used oils, fatty acids and radicals that produce monoglycerides, diglycerides and triglycerides. This changes and modifies their chemical composition.

These are classified under Total Polar Compound which is a reliable measure to measure the degradation of cooking oil. The toxicity of these compounds formed after frequent frying increases the body's ability to accumulate lipids, can cause oxidative stress, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

According to studies, now that we know how harmful reheating oil can be, use the right amount of oil as needed to stay healthy and disease-free.

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