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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Former Foreign Minister Natwar Singh said - Taliban knows new India, if you try to spread terrorism, you can get an answer like Balakot

The Taliban's occupation of Afghanistan has increased the concern of the whole world. 
New challenges have now arisen in front of India too. Meanwhile, in a special conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsh, the country's former Foreign Minister Natwar Singh said that the Taliban knows that this is the India of 2021, not 2001. The government in India at present is capable of taking Balakot-like action if they come against us on the path of terrorism.

Natwar Singh said, 'There is no question of talking to the Taliban right now. It remains to be seen what they do in Afghanistan. However, his words have raised hope. America made a big mistake by bringing the soldiers back together. If a war breaks out from Panjshir Valley, then the fight can increase. If reports of atrocities keep coming in this way, then no one in the world will recognize them. Next week is very critical. If they form the government, the situation will be different. And if the government is not formed then there will be different situation. There is full intervention of Pakistan in all this and will continue to do so.

Understand the dangerous game of China and Pakistan

The Taliban is telling the world today what the world wants to hear. Although the world may not have faith in these statements of Taliban, but it is certain that this time Taliban is presenting a liberal image. In such a situation, it is necessary to understand who is the teacher of the new Taliban.

Who is teaching all this to the Taliban? Are China, Pakistan behind this? Seeing the strategy and statements of the Taliban, it is clear that there is a well thought out planning behind it. China-Pakistan is a dangerous game. How to understand it. While all the countries are busy evacuating their citizens trapped in Kabul, while China has declared friendship with the Taliban. Pakistan said that the Taliban has broken the chains of slavery in Afghanistan. Both China and Pakistan are also included in the few countries of the world, whose embassies in Afghanistan are not only open but fully functioning even after the capture of Taliban.

China told Taliban peace envoy

When Taliban leader Mullah Baradar went to China with a delegation 10 days ago, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met him. Wang Yi then told the Taliban that the Taliban is a symbol of peace, redevelopment and reconstruction. This was a shocking statement because no country has called the Taliban a peace messenger before. Actually, this attitude of China towards Taliban is not based on any theory, the dragon is opportunistic.

China's reason for saying this is because of the brutality of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, due to which the Taliban are very angry. The Taliban is a Sunni organization and Xinjiang is a Sunni-dominated region. In this sense they have a brotherhood. Uighur fighters are agitating for independence in Xinjiang, but their base is in the city of Badakhshan in northeastern Afghanistan.

Before explaining the worldly and diplomatic advantages and disadvantages to the Taliban, China has taken the assurance that the Taliban will not cooperate with the opponents of China. Experts are also not surprised by this Sino-Taliban romance.

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