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Monday, August 9, 2021

Eating curd can reduce belly fat, know how

Yogurt contains many nutrients which are very beneficial for health. It helps in strengthening the digestive system. But do you know that eating curd daily helps in weight loss.

All of us usually use curd in our diet. It is an integral part of our diet. There is nothing better than this to cool the body in the summer season. Some people like to eat it sweet and some people like to eat it with spices.

Helps to remove dehydration in summer and improves digestion. Yogurt contains many nutrients that work to increase the good bacteria in the intestine. But did you know that curd can help in reducing weight? If you do not believe this, then know what the study says

Healthy bmi

Yogurt is the main source of calcium and it helps in controlling BMI. However, including curd in the diet helps in weight loss.

Stomach is full

To lose weight, we eat the most protein-rich things. Yogurt has low carbs and high protein food which is the perfect combination for weight loss. The protein present in it reduces your belly fat and works to build muscle.

Boosts metabolism

Increasing metabolism helps in weight loss. Yogurt contains probiotics which helps in increasing metabolism by improving digestion. It contains enough nutrition which helps in maintaining energy.

How to incorporate yogurt

There are many ways in which you can use curd in your diet in your daily routine. We will tell you about some easy methods.

1. You can eat a bowl of curd in lunch or dinner. Apart from this, it can be used as a smoothie for breakfast.

2. You can use curd to make fruit and vegetable raita. Apart from this, curd can be used to make the gravy thick.

3. You can eat curd by adding sugar or spices. However, eating sugar by adding sugar increases the amount of calories in curd and eating sugar with curd daily is harmful for health.

4. To keep the body cool and hydrated in summer, one can drink lassi and chaas.

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