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Monday, August 16, 2021

Do you also believe these 5 myths related to periods? know the truth

Myths Related To Periods: There are many such myths about women coming every month, which is very important to clear. Come, know their truth

Myths About Menstruation: Talking about menstruation is generally considered a crime or vulgarity in the society. Girls follow what their grandmother and mother have taught them. If she wants information on this subject, she often does not get the right medium. In such a situation, she adopts rumors and myths as right. Here we will talk about some rumors related to the period and know their truth. So let's know the truth of myths related to periods

1. Period blood ie dirty blood

According to Healthline , period blood is not rejected blood nor does it flush out any toxins from the body. Yes, it is true that it contains some amount of blood, uterine tissue, mucus lining and bacteria but it cannot be called dirty blood.

2. It is correct to have four days of the period  

Every woman's period cycle can be different. According to Healthshots , it is completely dependent on the health of the girl or the woman.

3. Avoiding Sour Things  

Some women abstain from sour things during periods, while this is not found in any scientific research. However, it is necessary for women to take a healthy and balanced diet during periods.

4. Not washing the head during periods

Bathing, head washing or personal grooming has nothing to do with menstruation. If you take bath twice a day instead of once, then it will give you relief from cramps during periods and you will feel better.

5. Period right in 30 days

A normal period can last from 28 days to 35 days and this is absolutely normal.

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