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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Caution: Online class is very dangerous for children, has a bad effect on the body as well as the brain

The Corona virus has introduced conditions to the world that no one could have imagined. 
Millions of people around the world faced lockdown for the first time in their lives. Saw arrangements like work from and students saw arrangements like online classes. Online classes have been running in India since last year. After the first wave of the corona virus, schools were started in many states of the country and the second wave hit. Then school colleges were closed again. However, once again, schools are being started in some states. During the online class, on the one hand, the children got a new experience of education, on the other hand, it caused mental and physical health problems in the children.

It is very important to keep children under the age of two away from mobiles

How many online classes are beneficial for children and how many are harmful? On this, doctors say that sitting in front of a mobile phone for hours is not appropriate at all. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children 2 years of age and younger should be kept away from mobile phone screens. While children between the ages of 2 and 4 should be given a mobile phone for a maximum of one hour, even in the presence of parents.

Impact of online classes on children's health

A well-known doctor cited a study of online classes and said that an estimated 58 percent of the children in the study had health problems. 18 percent of parents found that their children became aggressive or angry. There are many other types of problems in children due to online classes such as physical stress, irritability, eye strain, back pain, headache, obesity, insomnia, etc. Given all these problems, online classes are not suitable for young children at all.

Online classes are also not suitable for the mental development of children

Doctors also agreed on the mental problems children face due to online classes. He said that online classes are increasing the problems of stress and anxiety in children. In school classes children used to sit and study with their friends, but not so in online classes. Online classes have also alienated children from society and it is very detrimental for them to do so at such a young age. It also has a detrimental effect on their mental development. Children are being demotivated because of online classes. Not only that, it is also causing indiscipline in children.

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