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Monday, August 9, 2021

Breaking of glass or mirror is inauspicious or auspicious, know religious and scientific beliefs!

If seen, the breaking of glass is a common phenomenon, just like other things break due to carelessness, glass is also an object that can break. 
But according to old beliefs, people consider the breaking of glass or glass to be an inauspicious event and associate it with bad news in the coming times.

But according to Vastu, breaking of glass or glass is not inauspicious, but it is auspicious. But keeping broken glass in the house can definitely be inauspicious. Know here what has been said in Vastu Shastra regarding the breaking of glass and glass and what does science say in this matter?

It is auspicious to break glass or glass

According to Vastu Shastra, if any glass or glass lying at home breaks due to some reason, it means that there was going to be a big crisis in your house, which the glass or glass has taken upon itself. That is, now the trouble is over and your family has become safe. Apart from this, a sudden break of glass or glass also means that some old issue in your house is now over. Some people also associate the glass with the health of the people, in such a case the cracking or breaking of the glass can be a sign of health. If all these things are considered, then breaking of glass or glass should be considered as an auspicious sign.

inauspicious to keep at home

Breaking of glass is undoubtedly an auspicious sign, but keeping broken or cracked glass or glass in the house is considered inauspicious according to Vastu. Just like it is advised not to eat food in broken utensils. It is believed that broken glass leads to loss of positive energy and negativity starts spreading in the house. In such a situation, all the problems come in the house. So now that if the glass breaks suddenly in the house, without making any noise, throw that glass out of the house silently.

Know the scientific reason why it is considered inauspicious

Glass is very fragile and in early times it was imported from distant countries. It used to be very expensive then. A lot of money had to be spent for its availability and it also took more time to get it. In such a situation, people should take care of the glass and take care in its care, so all the facts regarding its breakdown were linked to religion and health. Since people have always had faith in religion and people used to be very conscious about health then, they started believing in these facts and with time this belief got stronger.

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