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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Be Careful: These 10 Deadly Diseases Can Be Caused By Increasing Blood Sugar

New Delhi. 
In Today's Fast-Paced Life, Many People Are Suffering From Diabetes. During Diabetes, The Body's Blood Sugar (How To Control Blood Sugar) Keeps On Increasing Continuously. Due To Which Many Other Diseases Also Start Arising In The Body. According To Experts, It Is Very Important To Keep Blood Sugar Under Control Inside The Body. Not Only This, It Becomes Necessary To Control Blood Sugar Level For Those People Who Show Pre-Diabetes Symptoms. On The Advice Of Health Experts, In The Morning When People Are Hungry For About 8 Hours, Their Blood Sugar Range Should Be Within 100 Mg/DL. Also, Its Level Should Not Exceed 140 Mg/DL After 2 Hours Of Eating.

Many Other Serious Problems Also Arise Due To The Continuously Increasing Blood Sugar Level In The Body. Health Experts Believe That If The Blood Sugar Of A Diabetic Patient Continues To Rise, Then These 10 Diseases Can Quickly And Easily Make Their Home In Their Body. Let Us Know About These Diseases-

1. Due To Increase In Blood Sugar Level, Blood Vessels Become Hard, Which Increases The Risk Of Atherosclerosis.

2. The Pancreas May Be Damaged.

3. Chances Of Stroke Increase. 

4. There May Also Be Problems Like Kidney Disease And Failure.

5. Stroke Is Possible. 

6. There Is A Risk Of Heart Attack.

7. Immunity Is Weak. Due To Which Many Infections Arise In The Body.

8. Swelling In The Feet And Ankles Becomes Normal.

9. There Is Bound To Be Blindness Along With Blurring. Blurriness Or Blindness

10. It Takes Much More Time To Heal A Wound Than A Normal Person.

Blood Sugar Level Test

If You Also Want To Get A Blood Sugar Test Done, Then You Can Know The Amount Of Blood Sugar In The Body By Adopting Any Of These Three Methods. These Include Fasting Plasma Glucose Test, Oral Glucose Tolerance Test And Random Check.

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