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Monday, August 16, 2021

Afghanistan: gun firing at Kabul airport, 2 blast near US Embassy and Presidential Palace

Afghanistan Update News: Firing took place in the Kabul airport amid the occupation of the terrorist organization Taliban in the capital of Afghanistan on Sunday, when diplomats of many countries are being evacuated from there. However, there has been no immediate news of any casualties. At the same time, there have been two blasts near the US Embassy in Kabul and the Presidential Palace. At the same time, New York United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will hold an emergency meeting on Monday on the situation in Afghanistan at the request of Estonia and Norway. 

There is an atmosphere of fear and fear in the capital of Afghanistan, a huge crowd of people has gathered at Kabul Airport to leave the country. After the President of Afghanistan left the country, there is an atmosphere of fear and fear in the capital. Several videos have surfaced in which hundreds of people are seen reaching Kabul airport to leave the country for fear of Taliban rule. The main road of Kabul airport is full of frustrated and desperate people trying to escape from there. Thousands of American soldiers are guarding there so that their people can be evacuated. 

Two explosions have also been heard near the US embassy in the capital and the presidential palace after the Taliban captured Kabul.

Video footage broadcast on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Al-Jazeera channel showed a large group of Taliban fighters inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan in the capital, Kabul. The Taliban is expected to announce its occupation of Afghanistan from Rashtrapati Bhavan and will rename the country as the 'Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan'. Within days of the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan after twenty years of fighting, almost the entire country is again under Taliban control.

Never expected they would win like this: Taliban leader Mullah Baradar
Taliban deputy leader Mullah Baradar says he never expected that he would win this way. According to the reports of local media of Afghanistan, now they will be tested how they can ensure the security and welfare of the nation.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appeals
to Taliban for restraint I urge you to make sure. The United Nations is committed to contributing to a peaceful settlement and promoting the human rights of all Afghans.

UNC to have an emergency meeting on Afghanistan this morning The
United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will hold an emergency meeting on the situation in Afghanistan on Monday at the request of Estonia and Norway. Council diplomats said on Sunday that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres would brief council members on the latest situation in the aftermath of the Taliban's capture of the capital, Kabul. The UN chief on Friday urged the Taliban to stop attacks in Afghanistan immediately. He called for talks with "good intention" to end the long-running civil war. He also lamented early indications that the Taliban was imposing harsh restrictions specifically targeting women and journalists in areas under its control. (Input- ANI-PTI-Language)

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