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Friday, July 9, 2021

Women of these countries masturbate the most, know the place of India

Do you masturbate? 
Know where women masturbate the most in the whole world. There are many misconceptions about the sexual behavior of women, female masturbation is also one of them. Does everyone masturbate? If you also have this question in your mind, then let us tell you that 'yes' almost every person whether it is a woman or a man masturbate. Everyone in the world masturbates. Do you know where in the world women masturbate the most? In today's article, we will tell you about the women of some countries where women masturbate the most.

Masturbation is a common method of achieving sexual pleasure, in which one is stimulated by caressing one's own genitals to achieve orgasm. Masturbation can be done by both men and women. Masturbation is another alternative to orgasm, which is done by stimulating your genitals for sexual stimulation or sexual pleasure. Hands, fingers, everyday objects and sex toys are used to achieve this stimulation.

TENGA, a sex toy brand, looks at masturbation habits around the world for its Global Self Pleasure Report 2018. They looked at over 13,000 men and women from 18 countries and what they found is really interesting. In fact, according to their statistics 30 percent of adults worldwide have lied about masturbation. This means that people do not like to talk about masturbation. Let us know in detail the information related to masturbation of women found from this study.

United Kingdom women

Women in the United Kingdom masturbate the most, so this country comes in number one in terms of female masturbation. 78 percent of women in the United Kingdom masturbate.

germany women

Masturbation Cases German women masturbate less than women in the United Kingdom. After the United Kingdom at number one comes Germany at number two. 76% of German women masturbate.

United States women

Women in the United States masturbate in the same way as women in Germany. That is, the record of both countries is the same in women's masturbation. 76 percent of women in the United States masturbate.

Taiwanese women

After the countries given above, Taiwanese women come in number in female masturbation. 65 percent of Taiwanese women masturbate.

women of japan

Japan's number one among the most masturbating women in the world comes after Taiwan. 58 percent of Japanese women, or more than half, masturbate.

South Korean women

After Japan, the number of South Korean women comes in masturbation. More than half of South Korean women like to masturbate. 56 percent of the women here masturbate.

Chinese women

China comes last in the Women's Masterbet. Less than half of Chinese women masturbate. Only 48 percent of the women here masturbate.

women of india

Talking about Indian people, about 37 percent of women in India masturbate, here women are ashamed to use sex toys. According to a study, Indian women over the age of 18 had masturbated only once.

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