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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Wife seen dating husband on gay app, then click to find out what the woman did

A Bangalore-based software engineer has sought a divorce from her husband after seeing her husband's profile on two gay dating sites. 
They claim that they have been married for three years but they have not had sex. Apart from this he kept his wife in the dark about it.

Shalini (name has been changed) was married to Vikram (name has been changed) in June 2018. Shalini was a software engineer in a large company in Bangalore, while Vikram worked in a private bank. It was an arranged marriage, which took place with the consent of the elders. This was Vikram's (31) second marriage.

After marriage, the two moved to Jayanagar. But married life was not pleasant for Shalini (28). Vikram stayed away from it from the beginning. When asked, he said he was upset because of his first wife.

According to the counselor of the Family Counseling Center, he was giving excuses all the time that he was heartbroken. Later he started making up stories. He also started complaining that he did not get enough dowry.

Investigating the matter, the counselor said that during the last lockdown, Shalini saw that Vikram was always busy on his phone. Shalini also saw some apps in her phone. The situation became more complicated during the work from last year. Shalini then decided that she would keep an eye on her husband's phone activity.

When he checked Vikram's phone, he found out that he had put his profile on two gay dating apps and that he was chatting with his partners. The woman then spoke openly with her husband on the issue.

The woman reached the Women Helpline and lodged a complaint after being granted a waiver in the lockdown. During the counseling session the husband admitted that he had definitely created his profile on the dating app, but had no relationship with anyone. But the woman decided to end this whole relationship and filed for divorce.

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