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Friday, July 23, 2021

What not to do in depression, know here

We keep reading what should be done to get out of depression. But there is also a need to know what not to do in depression.

In depression, a person starts imprisoning himself in many limitations. He starts to feel that the situation in life is never going to change and this is where depression begins. It is true that in depression a person's emotions become uncontrollable, but it is also true that he can control those emotions. To get this control, he should never do certain things in depression. Otherwise, the process of coming out of depression may slow down.

What not to do in depression? (What not to do in depression)
It is difficult to convince one's own mind in depression , but you can easily distinguish between right and wrong. This is also necessary to get out of depression. Let us know what is wrong for you to do during depression?

  1. To come out of depression, only those people who are close to you are needed. Actually, in depression, people close to us try to help us, but we keep distance from them. which is wrong. Push yourself a little and don't stop meeting close people.
  2. Often it is wrong to start consuming alcohol due to depression or stress. This leads to addiction to alcohol and you start harming your body.
  3. When you yourself are in depression, living in a depressed environment can make your problem worse. Living in such a negative environment will make your mood worse and wrong thoughts will come in your mind. Instead, live in a pleasant atmosphere. This will help in coming out of depression.
  4. Negative thoughts keep coming during depression. These thoughts keep increasing the mental problem. You should distance yourself from the environment, persons, things etc. that create negative thoughts. You stay near positive people, environment and things. Which makes you feel better.
  5. A person suffering from depression breaks ties with people and goes on social media. But the differences going on on social media, negative situations, talking, making fun of people etc. can affect your mental health. This can increase depression.
The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given for the purpose of education only.

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