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Thursday, July 29, 2021

To keep hair strong and healthy, change your habits today

Avoid These Habits Its Bad For Hair: To keep the health of the hair right, it is necessary that we bring changes in some of our daily habits.

Avoid These Habits Its Bad For Hair: What we do not do to maintain the beauty of hair. Expensive shampoos, high quality hair care tools, following daily hair care routine etc. Many people spend thousands of rupees every month in the parlor for the beauty of hair. But you will be surprised to know that if you change some of your habits, then half of your hair problem can be cured. Yes, due to some of our habits, the hair starts falling out and after a time it becomes so that we start circling the doctor's cleaning to fix them. In such a situation, let us tell you which habits you need to change in your everyday habits.

1. Drying wet hair with a dryer

Many people dry their hair with the help of a dryer after taking a bath. The hot air coming out of the dryer absorbs the moisture of the hair and the hair becomes dry and starts breaking.

2. wiping with a towel

After bathing, many people wipe their hair with a thick towel and tie it tight. Due to this habit of your hair becomes weak and starts breaking.

3. Using Elastic Hair Bands

Generally hair bands are used to tie the hair. But if you are using a small elastic hair band to tie your hair, then leave this habit today. Because of this, the hair breaks.

4. Applying Conditioner to the Roots of the Hair

Many people apply conditioner even in the roots of the hair due to lack of information, which is not the right way. Because of this also the hair becomes weak and starts breaking quickly.

5. Keeping hair dirty

Many women do not wash their hair for many days due to long hair. Because of this, the roots become dirty and gradually bacteria start growing in them. These bacteria make the hair weak. 

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