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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The dangerous prison of the world where the dreaded terrorists of Pakistan are lodged, costs 98 crores

Today we are going to tell you about the prison in the world which is called the most dangerous prison. 
Many dangerous terrorists of Pakistan and Afghanistan were kept in this jail. The name of this prison is Guantanamo Jail which is located on the naval base located in the Gulf of Guantanamo. This prison is in Cuba and this prison is often accused of human rights violations.

started after 9/11

Muslim terrorists captured by American forces were kept in Guantanamo prison. These terrorists were accused of hatching a terrorist conspiracy against America. This prison has always been in controversies and because of this, the US Army has often been under criticism. This prison was started by the US after the terrorist attacks on 9 September 2001.

It was started in January 2002 on the orders of the then President George Bush. For this, the land of Cuba was used, which was leased by America in 1930. Soon this prison became a symbol of hatred and panic. From here, photographs of prisoners wearing orange clothes and chained in shackles started coming.

First terrorist caught from Pakistan

Abu Judaya, a resident of Palestine, was the first prisoner in this prison. He was arrested from Faisalabad, Pakistan. In this prison, American soldiers and officers of the Intelligence Agency CIA interrogate the prisoners. Your soul will tremble at the thought of the way prisoners are tortured here. yelling at prisoners' ears, dropping dangerous dogs on them, playing music at such a loud sound that the eardrum will burst, not allowing sleep, waterboarding, putting cold water on the mouth, keeping prisoners naked in the cold, interrogation for 20 hours Doing, giving electric shock and such techniques have been included.

This is also the most dangerous terrorist

Many dangerous terrorists are lodged in the prison of Guantanamo Bay. Among them is Khalid Sheikh Muhammad of Pakistan, who is accused of plotting 9/11. Four of his accomplices are also in the same jail. Apart from this, Abd Al Rahim Al Nasiri of Saudi Arabia is also involved. Apart from this, there are also terrorists from Yemen, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and some Egypt. Some prisoners are also from Russia. America wants that if any third country wants to take these prisoners, then they can be released.

$13 million spent on each prisoner

According to the New York Times report in the year 2019, America spends $ 13 million on every prisoner in this prison. This amount is also being spent on the terrorists on whom the 9/11 attacks were plotted. If this amount is converted into Indian rupees, then it is close to about Rs 98 crore. This amount includes the expenditure on the soldiers who are posted on their security.

America says that the prisoners who have been released from here are kept a special eye on them. According to some statistics, 30 percent of the released prisoners again go to the field of terrorism. But a US official says that this number also includes suspects.

some prisoners released

Prisoners were earlier kept in cage-like enclosures, which were later closed. After becoming the President, Barack Obama tried to close this prison several times, but he did not get success. Recently a unit of this jail has been closed. A total of 779 prisoners were kept at this place, of which 40 are still there. About 78 prisoners were released without charge because they did not pose a threat to US security. Of these, 58 were from Yemen, five from Tunisia, four Afghans and four Syrians.

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