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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Be careful with the use of cumin, it can become the cause of death

Health Tips: One of the many spices in our kitchen is cumin. Which is known to enhance the taste of any food. Because the first tempering is felt in any food. It looks like cumin. If we use cumin while cooking, then the food gets a different taste. Cumin is also beneficial for health, but do you know that the use of cumin is also very harmful for our health.

Fake cumin can cause death

A report has revealed that the use of cumin in food can also lead to death. The reason for this is the sale of fake cumin seeds available in the markets indiscriminately. Such cumin seeds available in the market are very dangerous for us. Eating it can cost your life. Delhi's Bawana police station has exposed a factory making fake cumin from the powder of flower broom.

Many incidents have come to the fore

Delhi Police has arrested the kingpin of fake cumin factory located in Poonthkhurd and four laborers working there. Along with this, about twenty thousand kg of fake cumin has been recovered by the police. Apart from this, 8075 kg of raw material has been recovered.

This is how fake cumin is made

In the investigation of all these cases, it has come to the fore that the accused used to make fake cumin by mixing jaggery molasses and stone powder in the powder of flower broom. You will be surprised to know that where the foodie gets Rs 400 per kg in the market, this fake cumin was sold to the people at Rs 20 per kg.

Therefore, whenever you use cumin, do it carefully.

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