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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Start this business of post office for only 5 thousand rupees, there will be bumper earnings

Post Office Franchise: Post Office is the best option for you if you also want to do more profitable business with less investment. 
1 lakh 55 thousand post offices come under the postal network. India Post has launched a franchise scheme to open a new post office. Under it you can start a business by giving a small amount. Also let me tell you that it will also earn good money. If you are also interested in this then let us know the whole process.

Start this way Post Office

Under the Post Office Franchise Scheme, any individual can start a Post Office by depositing a small amount. It requires some basic processing. Post office is a good business model that earns good money. The post office offers two main types of franchises. The first franchise outlet and the second postal agent.

There are two types of franchises

The franchise outlet covers all the work done by India Post. But the delivery is done by the service department and such franchise is given for the same location where it is not served.

Office area of ​​200 square feet

A post office requires an office area of ​​at least 200 square feet. People over the age of 18 can open a post office. It requires a standard 8 pass. At the same time, the most special thing is that no member of the family should be in the post department.

A negligible investment in a franchise outlet

You don't even have to invest much to open a post office. The job of a franchise outlet is primarily to pass the service so the investment in it is also low. But the investment for a postal agent is more because you also have to buy stationery.

Security amount Rs

You have to pay a minimum security amount of Rs. 5000 to open a post office franchise. You have to apply for it. You can apply by going to the official link The commission is Rs 5 for speed post, Rs 3 to 5 for money order, 5 per cent commission on postal stamps and stationery. This way different commissions are earned for different services. You too can earn good money.

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