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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Scientists told such a remedy, which will stop hiccups in a pinch

People try many home remedies to stop hiccups, but nothing is available as a result. Hiccups treatment straw: The persistent hiccups cause a lot of trouble. To get relief from which people adopt various home remedies, but to no avail. Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center have claimed to have made such a straw, by which drinking water will make your hiccups go away in a pinch. Researchers who made this straw say that, this method is more effective than other home remedies used to stop hiccups.

Hiccups Home Treatment: One or two sips of water to drink from a straw
According to the news of Daily Mail, this research has been published in JAMA Network Open. In which it is told that the mouthpiece has been given above this straw and an adjustable cap with pressure valve has been given at the lower end. People who are having frequent hiccups, they have to fill half a glass with water. After this, the lower end of the straw has to be put in the water and one or two sips of water has to be drunk with force through the mouthpiece on the upper end. According to the researchers, doing this will stop the hiccups immediately. Because drinking water in this way normalizes the abnormally functioning diaphragm muscles and signals to the brain to stop hiccups.

How was the study done?
In this study, 203 people were tested. In which the results of this straw were found to be correct in 9 out of every 10 people. Manufacturers say that this straw is reusable and is more effective than home remedies to stop hiccups like holding your breath or drinking water.

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