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Friday, July 16, 2021

Rock salt is not useful only for eating during fasting, it is also unmatched for these things

Rock Salt Uses And Benefits: Have you used rock salt for anything other than food? If not, then let us tell you that it can be used for many other things as well.

Rock Salt Uses And Benefits: Rock salt is mostly used in food during fasting. So there are some people who, keeping in mind their health, consume rock salt in their daily diet. But have you ever used rock salt for any other purpose? If not, then let us tell you that it is not only used for food but it is also used for many other things. Let us know how else rock salt can be used.

Brighten copper and brass utensils, many times you must have seen that copper and brass utensils start turning black by the time they are used. To clean them, add rock salt to lemon juice and rub the vessel with lemon peel or any scrubber. Within minutes the pots will sparkle. You can use rock salt to clean the burnt utensils . For this, you rub a spoonful of rock salt on the burnt vessel with the help of a scrubber. The pot will be clean within minutes. Remove stains and stains Many times while cooking food in the kitchen, stains appear. To clean them, mix rock salt with a spoonful of liquid detergent and rub it on these stains. This will remove the blemishes within minutes. 

make hands soft 

When the skin of the hands becomes dry and lifeless, mix half a teaspoon of rock salt with olive oil and massage the hands. This will make your hands soft and wrinkle free.

stress, rock salt also plays a good role in removing stress. For this, you mix one big spoon of rock salt in the bath water. If you take a bath with this water then it will help a lot in getting rid of your stress.

Relieve swelling and fatigue of the feet

Many times, due to excessive walking or overwork, swelling and fatigue in the feet starts. To get relief from this problem, mix two teaspoons of rock salt in lukewarm water. Then immerse your feet in it and sit for fifteen minutes. Swelling of feet and fatigue will go away.

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