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Friday, July 16, 2021

Beware: Consuming these things ruins sex life, makes men impotent - Research

Whether it is a husband-wife relationship or a couple's relationship, sex plays an important role in their life. 
If they are not sexually satisfied with each other, then the relationship becomes bitter and the relationship reaches the verge of breakdown. On the one hand, complete satisfaction in sex strengthens the bond between the couple and they become more emotionally attached to each other.

But due to bad sex life, distance starts from each other. Although women should also pay attention to choosing their food and drink for a good sex life, but men should not necessarily consume some things, otherwise there will be a decrease in sex power as well as the risk of impotence. remains intact.

Do not consume these things for a happy sex life

Although many things affect intimacy, but according to research, smoking has the worst effect on sex life. It would not be wrong if smoking is called the biggest "enemy" of sex. Smoking is injurious to health in many ways. Due to this, there is a problem in the circulation of blood, which also affects the private part of men and it is not able to take its shape properly, apart from this, they face problems in erection. It is common to have problems like premature ejaculation from smoking.

cause of impotence

The nicotine present in cigarettes or other tobacco-containing substances also affects the sex drive of men. The desire for sex starts decreasing in them. It has been found in many research that the habit of smoking is also a major cause of infertility (impotence) in men. It has also been revealed in many studies that tobacco damages the eggs / DNA present in the sperm, which reduces infertility, which can ruin the dreams of becoming a father. Due to smoking, there is a bad effect on the lungs, due to which the person has trouble in breathing and starts getting tired quickly during sex. With this, you pile up before satisfying your partner.

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