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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Refined flour are very dangerous for brain and intestine, side effects to know before eating

refined form of flour is called mando . Has two different times to make flour is finer and finer milling. Lamb used bread, crackers, cookies, pizza bread, many other things. Items made from it are very harmful to the body.

Americans eat 10 servings of mutton. Brains are very dangerous for the body. Knead the flour to get good quality mando but all its nutrients are lost. Where wheat is considered good for health, almonds are very dangerous for health.

According to David Ludwig, MD, PhD, director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Children's Hospital in Boston, Americans consume the highest amounts of distressed fat, including refined carbohydrates, refined grain products, and more. All of these have the most detrimental effect on the American diet. Let us know how bad the effect of eating fairs is on health.

This causes an acid-alkaline imbalance

The healthy pH level in the body is 7.4. Due to excessive acidic diet in the diet, the body remains deficient in calcium. This causes the bones to weaken. Cereals are considered an acidic food. Research has shown that overeating can damage bones. An acidic diet damages the immune system making the body susceptible to diseases.

May raise blood sugar levels

If you use wheat in your diet thinking that it is a healthier option for the body, you are thinking wrong. Foods made from wheat flour are more harmful to your body. The carbohydrate present in wheat called amylopectin A is more easily converted into blood sugar than other carbohydrates. Just two pieces of whole wheat bread can raise the blood sugar level in the body by more than 6 teaspoons of sugar or many candy bars.

Swelling can occur in the body

Cereal foods cause inflammation in the body. This raises the blood sugar level and makes glucose in the blood in which glucose attaches itself to the surrounding protein. This is called a chemical reaction called glycation. Glycation is a pro-inflammatory process that causes many inflammatory diseases, including arthritis and heart disease.

Metabolism slows down

According to research, when you consume foods with a high glycemic index, the body's nutrients are converted into fat. Foods made from mutton slow down the process of burning fat instead of getting fuel to the body. This causes fat to build up in the body. This process slows down the body's metabolism leading to weight gain.

Damages the intestines

According to research, lectin found in grains causes inflammation in the intestinal lining. When you eat almonds, 80% of the fiber in the diet is lost. Your body does not get the fiber it needs and carbohydrates begin to be released quickly. Without fiber the body is not able to detoxify the body by clearing intestinal dirt.

Causes of food allergies

Wheat is considered to be the biggest trigger of food allergies. A protein called gluten in cereal flour is found in many grains and works to make the flour flexible. This helps to soften the bread. Wheat now has more gluten in cereal flour than ever before. While people with gluten sensitivity in cereal flour eat gluten-containing products in cereal flour. This increases their risk of many other problems with food allergies in their body.

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