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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

pregnancy planning tips: If you are planning pregnancy, then make a distance with these 5 things, there is a danger to health

Pregnancy planning tips: If you are also preparing for baby plan, then it is important to keep distance from some things. read...

Pregnancy planning tips: Being a parent is a matter of luck in itself for the couple. If you are also doing family planning, then it is important for you to take care of some things. While preparing baby plan tips, both you and your partner should make some changes in your lifestyle from now on, because your food and activities affect your health.

According to health experts, due to some bad habits, you may have to face many problems in conceiving. 

Keep distance from these things while planning pregnancy

1. Quit
Smoking If you smoke or do, quit this habit soon, because smoking increases the risk of infertility in women, as well as the symptoms of premature menopause. Huh. At the same time, the sperm quality of men is affected and the structure of the sperm is also affected. So quit the smoke.

2. Do not consume too much coffee
If you are consuming a lot of coffee, then change this habit, because if you drink coffee several times in a day, then fertility is affected. If you have conceived then sometimes the risk of miscarriage also increases. 

3. Do not take too much alcohol
Health experts say that if you are planning a baby, then you need to control the habit of consuming alcohol. Consuming too much alcohol lowers the fertility rate. On the other hand, if pregnancy has taken place, then it has a bad effect on the health of the child.

4. Don't Do High-Intensity Exercise

Physical activity is very important for good health, but if you do high-intensity exercise, it can make it difficult for you. In such a situation, it may take time for you to conceive because high-intensity exercise also causes hormonal changes in the body which can affect your periods. Therefore, while doing family planning, avoid high-intensity exercise.

5. Do not
take tension Sometimes the habit of taking too much tension affects the fertility of both women and men. This makes a difference on the sperm count of men, while the possibility of hormonal imbalance in the body of women increases significantly. Apart from this, ovulation is affected. So if you want to get pregnant then try to avoid stress.

The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given for the purpose of education only.

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