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Friday, July 9, 2021

On this day inventor of sewing machine Elias Howe was born

Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was no sewing machine? 
There is no fashion industry, neither your favorite clothes could be made nor you could get a stylish look. The sewing machine was created by American inventor Elias Howe. Today is the birthday of Elias Howe and Elias started with a textile company. In 1835, he introduced the world to a new thing by making a sewing machine.

How did the sewing machine idea come about?

Elias Howe was born on July 9, 1819, in Massachusetts. It was here in 1835 that he worked as a handyman in the textile factory at Lowell Beginning. In 1837, due to the uncontrollable situation in America, the mill was closed. After that he went to Cambridge. Here he did a mechanic of carding machinery and did apprenticeship. In Beginning in 1838, he trained with the great mechanic Ari Davis. It was here that he mastered manufacturing and repairing. This is where he got the idea to make a sewing machine.

Sewing machine got patent

In 1846, he was awarded the first US Patent Award for his lockstitch design with a sewing machine. No person in America was ready to buy this machine. Howe's brother traveled to Britain and sold it for £250. In the year 1851, he invented the zipper (a chain used in paint) and patented it. Sewing Machine The first sewing machine a. It was built by Wiesenthal in 1755 AD. There was a hole in the middle of its needle and both the ends were sharp. In the year 1790, Thomas Saint invented the second machine. But by the time Elias's machine arrived, 80 attempts had been made and none had been successful.

20,000 Years Old Sewing History

Sewing machine history would not exist without the artistry of hand sewing. People began sewing by hand some 20,000 years ago, where the first needles were made from bones or animal horns and thread made from animal skins. When the Industrial Revolution began in the 18th century, the need to reduce manual sewing in factories was emphasized. The first sewing machine named Usha was made in India in 1935 in a factory in Kolkata (Calcutta). All the parts of the machine were made in India, it is said that the sewing machine was invented due to the dream of Elias Howe.

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