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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Now this special thing is believed to be the 'White Gold' giving money, in which people will become rich by investing

India is now moving ahead keeping in mind the challenges of the environment. 
Accordingly, the market conditions are also being created. Businessmen from the government are also promoting investment through new methods. It is believed that now such a substance is going to be entered in the Indian market, which can act as white gold for many investors. It is believed that people can earn a lot of money from this.

You must also be thinking that what is this after all? Actually, this is ethanol, which is being talked about making petrol-diesel as well as a major fuel. The central government has taken a lot of steps in this way, after which the market is also moving accordingly. In such a situation, it is believed that ethanol can become a way for investors to earn good money, because before this the countries which worked on ethanol have also benefited a lot from it.

Let us know what are the signs, which show that ethanol is being considered as an option for investors. Also know the special things related to ethanol, which you need to know…

What is Ethanol?

Ethanol is a biofuel obtained from fermentation of sugarcane, wheat, rice, maize. Ethanol, primarily made from jaggery, serves as an alternative fuel solution to conventional petrol and diesel. It does not emit any particulate matter into the air. Burning of ethanol releases carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water and formaldehyde. This fuel reduces nitrogen oxide emissions compared to fossil fuels. Thus, ethanol is cleaner and a renewable energy source.

Why is it considered a better option for investment?

In fact, sugarcane stocks have gone up a lot recently and it is believed that in the year 2021, it is being considered as a major wealth creator. These are signs that India is going to be a big producer of ethanol and its use is going to increase along with it. Now the race has started regarding ethanol production. It is believed that the use of ethanol in India is going to increase by 14 percent in the coming few years, because the government is now considering using it with petrol. With this, many options are going to be prepared in front of the investors.

Brazil is the best example

In fact, Brazil is currently producing the most ethanol. Brazil had changed its policies in the year 1975 and had given special facilities to the sugarcane farmers, in which the farmers were given tax exemption, raw material etc. With this, Brazil's ethanol production has increased from 600 million to 30.7 billion. According to reports, Brazil currently accounts for 30 percent of the world's ethanol production and 17 percent of sugarcane production there.

India's situation is opposite

At the same time, the situation in India is quite the opposite. In fact, 18 percent of sugarcane is being produced in India and only 2 percent of ethanol is being produced. However, now many companies are going to work on it. Due to this, the production of ethanol in India is also going to increase significantly. Now sugar companies are paying special attention to ethanol and India is also going to work continuously in the production of ethanol. With this, those people who are investing in ethanol, those people can benefit a lot.

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