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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Never sleep with these things on your head, know these very important Vastu Tips

Small mistakes made in everyday life can cause big harm to physical and mental health. According to Vastu, keeping some things by the head while sleeping can bring many troubles. 

New Delhi: It is not enough to just build the house in the right direction according to Vastu, but the things kept inside the house also have a profound effect on the lives of the members. For this reason, the place and way of keeping everything has also been told in Vastu Shastra. Habits of a person, things placed around him cause positive-negative energy. Today we know about those things, which people often sleep by keeping their head, while the negative energy emanating from them harms them a lot. 

Do not keep these things near the head 

It is an important rule of Vastu that do not keep a mirror in the bedroom. If kept, cover it at night. Otherwise there will be discord in the house. 

- Often people go to sleep only by keeping the book at their head while reading at night. While doing so is wrong. Never sleep with books, magazines, newspapers, etc. things related to reading and writing while sleeping at night. This increases the tension. 

- Many people sleep by taking off their slippers near their head or near the bed while sleeping. This brings negativity in a person's life. 

Do not keep purse and electronic things near the head by mistake while sleeping. Many people sleep by keeping mobile, laptop, watch near the head. This causes many diseases. At the same time, the purse kept by the head causes money crunch. 

Sleeping with oil near the head can lead to many problems. 

Keeping a bottle of water or any vessel full of water by the head affects the moon in the horoscope and mental problems have to be faced. 

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