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Friday, July 2, 2021

Married Men should eat Only 2 dry dates in this way, you will get amazing benefits!

New Delhi: Today we have brought for you the benefits of dates. Yes, this dry fruit is considered especially beneficial for men. It contains amino acids, an acid that actively acts to boost men's sexual health and increase their stamina. 

Substances found in Cuhare

point to elements found in Cuhare If it is found in plentiful Kalisiam, fiber, zinc, magnesium and iron. Many other vitamins are found, including vitamins A, C, E, K, B2, B6, niacin and thiamin, which are considered very important for a healthy body.

How to consume

Dates According to well-known Ayurveda doctor Abrar Multani, dates have the property of increasing the testosterone hormone, which affects the health of men, while milk is used to increase the appearance. This is the reason why consuming these two together can help men to overcome physical weakness. 

According to Dr Abrar Multani , helpful in increasing semen , drinking two or three dates cooked in milk daily increases strength and semen. The magnesium found in it controls sugar in your body, due to which you can avoid problems like diabetes.

Other benefits of dates

Consumption of dates is beneficial for strong bones. With its regular consumption, problems like stomach ache and diarrhea are relieved.

If you are doing bodybuilding and want to gain weight, dates can help you. Adequate amount of protein is found in milk and dates, which can give good results for weight gain. 

Vitamin A, B are found in abundance in dates, which are very beneficial for your skin. Also, it creates new cells in your body.

Constipation can be easily relieved by consuming dates. Because it contains potassium, you can also consume it by adding it to milk.

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