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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Is it safe to treat Piles with laser surgery, how many other options are there to get rid of this disease, know all

Piles Treatment in Hindi: Piles i.e. piles is such a disease, which gives trouble all the time. If it is not treated properly and it is not stopped, then it can become such a merger that will put the patient in a lot of trouble. There are many treatments for piles. Such slogans are often seen written on roadside walls or on hoardings that one day to get rid of piles. Or the hemorrhoids will be discharged as soon as one injection is given. Many such claims are made, but is it that simple? After all, what is its treatment? Can it be got rid of by taking medicines, or is the operation the only treatment? Even if you have an operation, how to do it? Whether laser surgery will also be ok, there are many questions that run in the mind of the victim.

When hemorrhoids become very difficult, then its operation is advised. There are two types of piles. One has internal piles, while the other external piles i.e. a small part of the flesh (wart) protrudes outwards. Many people want to end it through operation. Doctors also give similar advice to get rid of it. Now the question arises that which operation should be done. In one, doctors do open surgery and the other way is laser surgery.

The disease is also treated with open surgery, but this procedure can also prove to be a bit complicated and painful. Although the cost is less, it may take a week for a full recovery after surgery.

At the same time, the second method is laser surgery. Laser surgery is increasing in importance among all surgical procedures to perform hemorrhoids surgery. Now most of the doctors recommend laser surgery for treatment. Let us know how safe is the laser surgery of piles and apart from this what are the other treatment options for piles? In the laser surgery of piles, the piles of the piles are eliminated with the help of laser rays.
How safe is laser surgery for hemorrhoids?

There is no bleeding
, as compared to other surgical procedures, there is no bleeding from the anal area during laser surgery, or even if there is bleeding, it is only nominal. Because a pin point laser beam is used during the treatment.

There is no cut
The rays emanating from the laser device are very thin which treat piles by blocking the veins carrying blood to the warts. There is no cut in the anal area due to the use of pin point laser rays. As a result, there is no major injury. Whereas when treated with open surgery, a large cut is made in the anal area to remove the wart.

Very less chance of infection
During the laser operation of hemorrhoids, the chances of getting an infection are very less as there is no incision in the anal area. Whereas due to the cut during open surgery, the size of the wound is large and the risk of infection is high in it.

Faster recovery There is
no major cut in the laser surgery of hemorrhoids, so the wound healing after surgery does not take much time and the recovery is also faster. If we talk about the recovery time after open surgery, then it is very long. The patient may have to spend about a week in the hospital. After laser surgery, the patient is discharged from the hospital within 24 hours, and after 48 hours the patient can do all the normal activities involved in his lifestyle. Usually, after open surgery, the patient has to face great difficulties in bowel movements for 7-8 days, whereas in laser surgery there is no such problem.

Other Surgical Options for Hemorrhoids Treatment
Open Surgery: It will not be wrong to call it the traditional surgery of piles, in which the doctor separates the warts from the anus using surgical knife and other instruments. During treatment, there is heavy bleeding, longer recovery time, chances of infection and many other problems during recovery.

Stapler surgery
This surgery is considered better than open surgery of piles. In stapler surgery, doctors staple the wart, which stops the blood circulation to the wart and the patient gets rid of piles within a few days. There is a possibility of recurrence of piles after this treatment.

Kshar Sutra
This is an Ayurvedic surgery, in which the warts are tied up with the help of a formula made from alkali and after a few days the warts dry up. Being an Ayurvedic surgery, it takes a lot of time and the patient may also feel pain during the treatment. Not only this, there is a possibility of recurrence of piles after treatment with alkali formula.

Which to choose?
According to rectal experts, laser surgery is the best option to treat piles. Because being an advanced and safe treatment technique, the treatment does not take much time and does not cause any complications to the patient. Laser surgery is a bit expensive, but now it is also an option. Now you can pay the expenses through EMI i.e. on installments also. This facility is being provided by Priston Care. Experts in Priston Care with over 300 doctors across the country say that laser surgery has made things a lot easier. Benefits of health insurance, free cab facility, free follow ups, financial discounts in treatment are also available on Priston Care. Doctors of Priston Care say that painless and advanced laser surgery is now being done easily. However, in some severe cases, only open surgery remains an option for treatment. In such a situation you should listen to your doctor. Laser surgery is not necessarily the only option in every case. In many cases open surgery has to be done.

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