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Friday, July 16, 2021

Do you also use Plucker to remove hair from these parts of the body? may be your death

Body Hairs: To remove unwanted body hair, women resort to threading or waxing. But many times even after getting all this done, some hair remains, which women pull out with the help of plucker. Pluckers have been used by women for a long time. But do you know that using plucker can prove to be harmful for you. Especially plucking the hair of some areas can prove to be dangerous for you. Let us know about the places where you should not pull hair with a plucker. 

Eyebrows- Eyebrow hairs should not be pulled with pluckers . When you do this continuously, it damages the hair follicles. If you are constantly plucking hairs from your eyebrows, it can be difficult to grow them out. 

White hair on the head- Sometimes women pull out the white hair of the head and remove it. Pulling out the white hair in this way can affect the growth of the rest of the hair. Therefore, you can cut white hair with the help of scissors.

Nose hair- Some women use a plucker to remove the hair from the nose or pull them out. Let us tell you that by pulling the hair of the nose, there is a hole in the blood vessels and blood starts coming out. It causes a serious infection, which reaches the nerves of the brain and can even cause sudden death to a person.

Underarm hair- Many women have very small hairs in their underarms, which they use pluckers to remove. If you also do this then you may have to face the problem of infection. Apart from this, you may also have a lot of pain and bleeding problems.

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