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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Coronavirus: To be protected from corona? Do not let the lack of these 4 vitamins in the body


Multi Vitamins For Body: To avoid infection of covid-19, it is necessary to have the amount of vitamins B, C, D and zinc in the body. This will strengthen your immunity and keep you away from diseases.

Vitamins For Covid 19: To  fight against Coronavirus, you need to strengthen your immunity the most. It is very important to fight the third wave of corona and keep ourselves healthy in monsoon. In such a situation, to avoid cold, cough, cold, fever, you should strengthen the immunity. To fight the corona virus, there should not be a lack of vitamins in your body. Know which vitamins should be in your body to fight against Korana and strengthen immunity. 

Vitamin C (Vitamin-C) - If you are taking vitamin C in the right amount for your immunity will be strong. Deficiency of vitamin C causes inflammation in the lungs. Which causes difficulty in breathing. Vitamin C reduces this inflammation. You get vitamin C from citrus fruits and vegetables in your food.

Vitamin B6 (Vitamin B 6) - immunity Vitamin B6 is needed to boost. Biochemical reactions found in Vitamin B6 strengthen immunity. You should include things with vitamin B6 in your diet. Non-vegetarian people can include eggs, chicken, salmon fish in their food.

Vitamin-D – To meet the deficiency of calcium and phosphorus in the body, the intake of vitamin-D is very important. You get vitamin D naturally from sunlight. Doctors also give you vitamin D supplements. Respiratory infections can be avoided by taking adequate amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D also protects the body from respiratory tract infection or stress in the respiratory muscles. Vitamin D is the right amount to be a body in Corona.  

Zinc (Zinc) -
It is also important to have the right amount of zinc in the body to avoid corona infection. Zinc deficiency affects our lymphocytes count. Zinc increases the lymphocyte count in the body and strengthens immunity. Zinc also helps in activating and making T-cells. Zinc deficiency also affects the body's immune system.

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