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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Consuming these things at night can be dangerous for you, if you don't stop eating it will be a loss

As much as drinking food is necessary for our health, it is also important to avoid it. 
This is the reason why all the doctors or doctors either forbid us to eat food at night or advise to eat light food. If some of these things happen like this, then eating at night is very harmful for our health. Eating them can not only make you seriously ill but can also lead to your death.

Do not consume these things at night

It is best if food is not eaten during the night. If you consume rice i.e. rice at night, then it is most harmful for your health. Because the amount of alcohol and carbohydrates is found in rice. Therefore its digestion is not easy. By eating rice at night, you become a victim of obesity, due to which your body not only becomes unformed, but you may also have to face many diseases.

Apart from this, eating sour things should be avoided at night or in the evening. Some fruits are also included in this. Fruits should always be eaten empty stomach in the morning. Eating citrus fruits at night can cause allergies. So this mistake should not be made. Also, consuming curd and buttermilk at night is also not good.

Along with this, eating banana at night is harmful for health. By the way, eating banana is considered beneficial for health, but eating banana at night can cause problems like cold. Because the taste of banana is cold. Therefore, eating bananas at night should be avoided. It is also not considered good to consume pickles at night. By eating pickle at night, acid starts to form in the stomach and sour belching starts.

Apart from this, eating sweets at night is also harmful for our health. According to a research conducted at Stanford University in the US, eating sweets after dinner increases the risk of diabetes by 11 percent compared to eating sweets in general. Therefore, sweets should never be eaten at night.

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