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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Change in the texture and color of nails is a sign of these dangerous diseases

Nails Health: 
 Your nails tell a lot about your health. Nails tell about your health can be estimated by looking at the texture and color of the nails. Many times people's nails start turning yellow, black and white. Some people have blue or black lines in their nails. The nails of some people become weak on their own and start breaking. Changes in the nails are not a normal thing, but a sign of many types of diseases. So you need to understand these signs. Nails can also be related to disease or lack of any nutrients in your body.

nail color change 

White line on the nail-   If white stripes are visible on your nail, then it can be a sign of kidney or liver related disease in the body. Apart from this, having a white line in the nail is also a sign of a disease like hepatitis.

Yellowing of nails- If the color of the nail becomes yellow then it is a sign of fungal infection. Apart from this, thyroid also indicates diabetes and lung disease.

White spots on nails- Some people get white spots on their nails. With this you can understand that there is a deficiency of vitamin B, protein and zinc in your body.  

Blue and black spots in the nail- If there are blue and black spots in the nail, then the blood circulation in the body is not happening properly. Due to the disturbance of blood circulation, black or blue spots occur in the nail. Some people start changing the color of the nails even after having heart disease. 

Red nail color- If there is inflammation or lupus disease somewhere in your body, then the color of your nails can change. In such a situation the color of the nail may turn red. 

Nail breakage- Some people have cut or broken nails. Sometimes nails start breaking after weakness. With this you can also understand the signs of many diseases in the body. If you have this problem in your nails, then there may be a disease like lack of blood in the body or thyroid. 

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