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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Before lightning falls from the sky, the body gives such a signal, do not to do these 9 things


If you know this sign of lightning falling from the sky, then you can save your life.

Lightning Strike Sign: The rainy season also brings with it many natural problems like floods, thunderstorms. According to an estimate, about 2 thousand people die every year in India due to lightning. But do you know that our body starts giving a signal before lightning strikes from the sky? If you recognize this sign and avoid doing certain things, you can stay safe in the event of a lightning strike.

Why does lightning fall? (Why lightning strike occurs?)
About 56 people have lost their lives in UP and 11 in Jaipur due to lightning . According to NOAA NSSL, the US Department of Weather Studies, there are different charges present between the clouds or between the cloud and the ground, which are called positive and negative charges. When these positive and negative charges begin to become unbalanced, a large spark occurs from the electrical discharge, which is called lightning. This lightning can fall between clouds or between clouds and the ground.

What signal does the body give before lightning strikes? (Sign of lightning strike)

According to the website of the Nagpur Center of the Indian Meteorological Department, when there is a danger of lightning around us, our body starts giving a signal. By knowing which we can be safe. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, if the back part of your neck or the hair of your head starts standing up in the midst of heavy rain, lightning, etc., then understand that there may be a danger of lightning around you. Realizing this danger in time, you should immediately go to the shelter of a pucca house or roof.

According to the National Geographic website, due to the increase in the negative charge in the clouds, the positive charge starts rising upwards from the tip of our hair. Due to which our hair stands on the side of the clouds. This can be a bad sign that lightning is about to strike you.

Lightning Strike Precautions: Never do these 9 things by mistake,
whenever there is lightning around you, it is raining heavily or your body is showing signs of lightning, then you should not do this work even by mistake. Otherwise you may be in danger. Whose information is given on the website of the Indian Meteorological Department.

  1. Do not go near any electricity or telephone poles and wires.
  2. Do not use mobile phones or other gadgets.
  3. Do not stand outside the house in large numbers at once.
  4. Do not go out for 30 minutes after you last heard the sound of lightning.
  5. Do not come in contact with water.
  6. Do not stand next to stone walls.
  7. Do not stand near tall objects or objects.
  8. Do not go to the shelter of a tree alone.
  9. Do not come in contact with anything metal.

The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given for the purpose of education only.

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