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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Chanakya Niti: Even the water that is drunk in this situation become like poison

Water is called the life of a human being, because a person can still spend a few days without food, but it is very difficult to live without water. 
By drinking water, the toxins of our body come out, due to which the person remains safe from all diseases. But Acharya Chanakya has described drinking water as poison in some special circumstances in Chanakya Niti. Acharya Chanakya was a great scholar and whatever he has said in his life, he has said on the basis of his experience and keeping in mind the interest of the people. In his book Chanakya Niti, he has guided people about all the topics related to life for human welfare. Know in which circumstances the consumption of water is harmful according to Acharya.

Ajirne bhejam var jeerne var balpradam bhojane
chaamrtam var bhojanante veshapradam

Through this verse, Acharya Chanakya has told that one should never drink water immediately after a meal. By doing this many diseases increase, and health is harmed. Therefore, after eating food, until the food is not digested, water should not be drunk.

Actually, if we drink water right after the meal, then the process of digesting our food becomes very slow. In such a situation, the food is not digested properly and the body does not get enough energy from it. Apart from this, many times the food which is not digested, it starts rotting. Due to this, gas, indigestion, sour belching and other stomach related diseases start occurring in the stomach. Once a person has stomach diseases, then the whole system of his body gets shaken, because the root of half of our diseases is believed to be the stomach. That is why Acharya Chanakya has described the water drunk immediately after eating as poison.

when should you drink water

Water should always be drunk 45 minutes before meals and 45 minutes after. Such water is like nectar for the body. It gives energy to the body and protects it from stomach related diseases.

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