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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Benefits of Khichdi: Do not think of Khichdi as inferior, know its health benefits


Benefits Of Khichdi: Many people consider Khichdi as a suitable food in illness. But you will be surprised to know its many other benefits.

To stay fit, you should eat khichdi once a week. Especially if belly fat is getting accumulated around your waist. Khichdi will help you in reducing weight. Apart from that, there are many other health benefits of eating khichdi.

Improves Digestion- This dish is very easy to digest. It is easily digested even if the digestive capacity is weak. This is the reason why it is used as a diet of weak people because digestion is very bad in weakness. 

Nutritious food- Khichdi is made with lentils, rice, vegetables and spices. It is rich in nutrition which gives more energy to the body. Khichdi together provides all the nutrients needed by our body. 

Good in Constipation- Eating khichdi in constipation is convenient and suitable. After eating khichdi, there is no heaviness in the stomach, and it gets digested quickly. It is good to eat khichdi with ghee, curd, lemon and pickle. 

Suitable for diarrhea- If someone has a complaint of diarrhea, then he should eat peeled moong dal khichdi. Khichdi should not be dry but half wet. It gives instant relief from stomach ache. It also does not allow the body to become weak. 

Helpful in reducing weight- If the accumulation of fat around your waist is increasing continuously, then you should essentially use khichdi once a day. This will keep your weight under control and will also reduce the accumulation of fat. 

Khichdi for Kids- Khichdi is easy, simple and ideal food for kids. Palak Khichdi and Moong Dal Khichdi recipe is very easy to make. This is a balanced diet for your baby's growth and development. Even a six month old baby can be introduced to Khichdi. Khichdi with a little ghee helps in easing bowel movements.

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