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Monday, July 26, 2021

Attention! In the rainy season, women may have infection during periods, it is necessary to take these precautions


Women have to be more careful during the rainy season during periods.

Tips To Avoid Infection During Periods: It is very important for women to take care of cleanliness during periods. In the rainy season, more care has to be taken, because the chances of getting an infection in this season are more than normal days. Therefore, even a little carelessness can lead to urinary tract infection and vaginal infection. 

According to health experts, the infection-causing bacteria increase during the rainy season. Second, due to the moisture in the weather, our clothes start getting damp. The same is the case with our Undergarments as well. For this reason, the problem of vaginal infection is more visible in this season. Therefore, women should take some necessary precautions during periods.

Take these precautions during periods 

1. Reduce Wetness

Your private part is already very wet due to period. Due to the rain on it, moisture remains in the weather as well. In such a situation, when women do not dry that area after going to the toilet or even after using water, it increases the wetness even more, which can cause infection. Therefore, whenever you go to the toilet or use water, then dry your private part thoroughly with the help of paper napkin i.e. tissue paper, then use a pad.

2. Keep changing napkins

Many women keep using the same napkin for a long time, which is not right. Because during the rainy days, there is a risk of infection from it. Therefore, it is important to keep changing the napkin at an interval of three to four hours.

3. Do not use soap

During the period, most women use only normal soap on the private part, which is not right. This can worsen the natural pH level, which is not good for health. There are many private part washes available in the market these days which you should use during this time.

4. Cleaning with warm water

During periods, clean your private part with lukewarm water every night before sleeping. After this, use the pad only after drying that part thoroughly with the help of a paper napkin. This greatly reduces the chances of getting an infection.

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