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Monday, June 28, 2021

Vastu Tips: These things kept in the house can become the reason for your financial crisis, get out of the house immediately

Planets have special importance in our life. 
Their good and bad condition affects our life. In such a situation, if the dasha-direction of any planet is not right, then there can be many problems in your life. Your made-up work starts deteriorating. If you are facing financial crisis or are looking for new ways to earn money then you have to face difficulties.

According to Vastu Shastra, many times you have to face financial constraints due to Vastu defects. Let us know that according to Vastu Shastra, what are the things in your house which are the main reason for financial crisis. Get these things out of the house today.


The broom should always be kept out of the public eye. The broom is considered a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, always keep the broom under the sofa or bed. Apart from this, the broom should never be kept standing. According to Vastu, always apply broom from inside to outside. It should never be applied from outside to inside, it brings poverty in the house.

Do not keep bad stuff in the house

According to Vastu, do not keep things like bad clock, broken electronic items, broken earthenware, broken furniture etc. in the house. These things show the bad position of the planets. Throw these things out of the house immediately.

pigeon nest

According to Vastu, the arrival of a pigeon in the house, laying eggs or breaking it. The mess caused by all this is a hindrance in your financial crisis. They represent the planet Mercury. Some people put millet etc. on the roofs of their house for the birds. You should give the birds outside instead of inside the house. Coming home of pigeons is not good for financial constraints.

do not plant thorny trees

According to Vastu, prickly or milk-giving trees and plants should not be planted in the house. These trees represent bad Vastu to Rahu and Shani. Do not plant these trees with Tulsi or other trees. This can lead to financial constraints.

dampness in the house

According to Vastu, dampness in the house is a bad combination of Saturn and Rahu, which weighs heavily on the Moon. It is believed that when the dampness comes, the crust comes off the wall, in the same way there is a decrease in money. In addition, the risk of skin infection also increases.

Do not make kitchen in the staircase of the house

According to Vastu, the kitchen is an important part of the house. Never make a kitchen or toilet under the ladder while building a house. Apart from this, do not keep shoes and slippers under the stairs. According to Vastu, stairs lead to heights in life. Therefore, these things should be avoided.

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