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Thursday, June 17, 2021

This unique fort of India where silver balls were fired at the enemies, you will also be surprised to know the reason

In our country from ancient times, kings were ready to do anything to protect their fort. 
For this, he did not even understand the value of gold, silver, diamonds and jewels and used to loot these precious gems. But today we are talking. On which silver balls were fired.

You must have been shocked to hear this but it is true. Due to this incident, it became immortal in history because the incident that happened here has neither happened anywhere else in the world nor will it ever happen, in fact we are talking about Churu Fort which is built in Rajasthan.

This fort was built in the year 1694 by Thakur Kushal Singh. The motive behind the construction of this fort was to provide security to the people of the state along with self-defense. This is the fort, where when the ammunition was exhausted, silver shells were fired at the enemies from the cannon.

It was a very surprising event in history, which happened in the year 1814. At that time this fort was ruled by Thakur Shivji Singh, a descendant of Thakur Kushal Singh. At this time they had 200 infantry and 200 cavalry soldiers, but during the war, the number of army increased suddenly, because the people living here were ready to do anything for their king and that is why they were like a soldier. used to fight with

This was also because the subjects of Thakur Shivji Singh used to spend their wealth and wealth to protect their king and state. In the month of August 1814, Raja Surat Singh of the princely state of Bikaner attacked the Churu fort with his army, after which Thakur Shivji Singh also fought with his army, but within a few days his ammunition ran out. Have become.

Seeing the lack of ammunition, the king became worried, but his subjects supported him and sacrificed all his gold and silver on the king to protect the state, after which Thakur Shivji Singh ordered his soldiers to shoot cannons at the enemies. Silver balls should be fired from Its effect was that the enemy army conceded defeat and fled from there. This incident is immortal in the history of Churu.

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