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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

These 9 symptoms warn of liver damage, by getting timely treatment, you can save your life

A human body is made up of many organs. 
For a healthy life of a person, proper functioning of all his organs is very important. If even a part of a person's body gets damaged, then his life becomes like hell and then after a certain time he can also die. Whereas there are many such organs in our body, whose damage occurs shortly after the death of a person. Today we are going to tell you some very important things about the liver, a very important part of the human body. Liver is the second largest organ of our body. Liver is also called liver, liver and liver in Hindi. Liver does many things simultaneously while living inside our body. Its main function is to convert food and drink into energy and nutrients. Apart from this, it also filters and separates harmful and toxic substances from the blood.

Drinking too much alcohol damages the liver
As we have just told you that the liver is the second largest organ of our body. Sometimes there are some minor problems in it, which get cured soon if treated on time. Whereas many problems related to it are so severe, in which changing the liver is the last way. The liver is generally considered to be bad when a large part of it is damaged and it becomes very difficult or impossible to treat it. Liver can get damaged due to many reasons. Viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, excessive alcohol, excessive fried and spicy food are the main reasons for liver damage. Apart from this, the liver is damaged in two ways. The first is at a rapid rate when the patient starts experiencing the problem within a few days and the second when it worsens very slowly. In such a case, the patient comes to know about it after many months or even after many years.

These 9 symptoms indicate
liver damage, there can be many symptoms of liver damage. A major problem here is that most of the symptoms of liver damage are very simple and cannot be detected without medical examination. Many times it also happens when the patient does not have any symptoms of liver damage. In such a situation, many times the patient comes to know about the problem after a long time and by then the condition becomes very bad. According to, the symptoms of liver damage include vomiting, loss of appetite, tiredness, diarrhea, jaundice, persistent weight loss, itching in the body, edema, fluid formation in the abdomen, etc. Experts suggest that excessive consumption of alcohol should be avoided to protect the liver. Apart from this, too much fried and spicy things should not be eaten.

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