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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Take care of sleeping position along with beauty sleep, according to experts, sleeping in these positions reduces beauty

Sleeping Position and Skin Health: Beauty sleep is a recipe that is followed by queens and princesses to today's models and 
Bollywood actresses . Adequate sleep of 8 hours can greatly improve your skin health, that is why, to enhance beauty , this beauty tip is given to every girl to sleep for 7-8 hours every night. But, do you know that if your sleeping pattern is not right, then despite getting enough sleep, your beauty may decrease instead of increasing. This, wrinkles may increase problems such as, pimples and fine lines. Read here how your sleeping pattern and your skin health are related to each other. (Sleeping Position and Skin Health in Hindi)

Experts believe that our sleeping pattern can harm our skin. By sleeping in the wrong position, the signs of aging can appear on the face soon. It can also cause problems like swelling of the eyes, acne and puffy cheeks on the face. Especially, the side we sleep on can prove to be very harmful for our skin.

Do Not Repeat These Sleeping Position Mistakes For Good Skin

Sleeping On The Side

Sleeping on the back is considered good for both body and skin. However, people find it more comfortable to sleep on their side. In such a situation, when people sleep on one side, their skin comes in contact with the pillow. If pillow covers are not clean and the fabric used for them is harsh, it can expose your skin to bacteria and cause skin problems. (Skincare tips for people who sleep with a pillow)

Why Is It Okay To Sleep On Your Back?

As sleeping on your back keeps your skin in contact with the air. Due to this, the circulation in the skin also remains. Similarly, by sleeping on your back with a straight back, your skin does not even come in contact with the sheets and pillows, due to which the skin remains safe from bacteria.

Do You Sleep On Your Stomach Too?

Many people may feel more comfortable sleeping on their stomach, but this sleeping position is very harmful for both your stomach and face. Yes, when you sleep with your face in the pillow, it does not allow blood circulation in the skin properly. Similarly, the skin does not get air. Due to this, problems like clogging of pores in the skin, swelling under the eyes and pressing of the skin of the face start.

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