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Saturday, June 19, 2021

No one drowns in this lake! Water has amazing power, know what is its secret

Nature mesmerizes people with its beauty. 
Due to different weather and temperature, different forms of nature are also seen around the world. Here there is a mountain, somewhere there is a plain, somewhere there is a river flowing from time to time and somewhere a dry desert. There are so many beautiful places known and unseen around the world, where once you go, you do not feel like coming back from there. Some of those places are also such that knowing the specialty of the common man, even the big scientists are surprised. One such enchanting place is Siwa lake of Egypt. The specialty of this lake is that no one drowns here.

Siwa Oasis in Egypt is located in the western desert. Most of the tourists come here to see the hot springs, beautiful scenery and beautiful desert. This is a place where you can take a walk among the palm trees while enjoying the beautiful views of the salt lakes. Due to the crystal blue color passing by these lakes, it seems that it is a beach. However, these are actually lakes. Due to the large amount of salt found in the water of Siwa Lake, they act as a medical treatment for the eyes and skin. Due to which it is also called 'Healing Lake'.

More than 95% salt content in water

The water of Siwa lakes acts as a treatment for the sinuses, skin and eyes. The salt content in the water here is more than 95 percent, due to which you will not drown in the water here but will be able to swim on its surface without any support. Seeing the beauty of this place and knowing the medical properties of the water of Siwa lakes, your mind would be to book tickets to reach there immediately. These lakes have also been explained in detail on the account named earthfocus on Instagram.

Know about Siwa Lake

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