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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Low oxygen level signs: Understand these 5 symptoms of low oxygen level in corona patients and go to the hospital immediately

Most of the patients are dying due to shortness of breath. Last month, more cases of low oxygen level were seen in corona patients. This was the reason why patients faced acute shortage of oxygen supply in hospitals. Experts believe that monitoring the oxygen level and getting timely treatment can save the life of the patient.

Corona is a respiratory disease, which is why it disrupts the healthy functions of the respiratory system and can sometimes cause low oxygen levels. When the oxygen level in the body decreases due to the coronavirus infection, the cells of the body do not get enough oxygen to perform normal bodily functions.

Due to the low level of oxygen, various organs of the body start failing. This is the reason that if not treated on time then corona can lead to death.

Signs of low oxygen level in corona patients 

In the case of corona, there is not always a problem like low oxygen level. It may also include symptoms such as mild fever, cough and loss of smell and taste. However, people who have difficulty breathing or experience shortness of breath at any time should be taken to a hospital and seek medical help.

Difficulty in breathing 

Hypoxia or low oxygen levels may be associated with symptoms such as shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and breathlessness. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for the patient's body to function normally. This may require immediate medical attention.

Chest pain 

Low oxygen levels in the body can also cause symptoms of chest pain and congestion, which should not be taken lightly. If you experience such symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately.


While oxygen levels in the body ensure normal body function, a decrease in oxygen levels can lead to an inability to think and concentrate. Therefore confusion and headache can be a determining sign.

Blue lips: 

Blue or discoloration of the lips can be a sign of low oxygen level in the body. This is also known as cyanosis. People who lack enough oxygen may have blue lips.

Stuffy nose . 

Low oxygen levels in the body can leave you gasping for breath. During this, a twitching of the nose as a sign should not be ignored. When the nasal passages dilate too much when breathing, it can indicate that a person has low oxygen levels in their body and is having difficulty breathing properly.

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