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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

India Currency: If you have this 5 rupee note, then you can be rich, know- what is the way to get money?

India Currency: If you have this old five rupee note lying with you, then you have got a very beautiful opportunity in which you can get a lot more money in lieu of it sitting at home. It may sound a bit strange that how can one get Rs 30,000 for five rupees, but this thing is 100 percent true. Within a few minutes, you can get such a huge amount in lieu of it sitting at home. You don't even need to go anywhere for this. You can only visit two websites. There you will get information on which website you are getting more offers. 

But there are some conditions for this. Tractor should be printed in this five rupee note. This note should be issued by the Reserve Bank of India. Also, the number 786 should be written on it. 

If you have a note with this feature, then you can go to the online platform and get it bid, in which you have every possibility of getting money manifold.

How to sell this note by visiting

step 1

First of all you have to go to


You have to register as a seller on the website.


Take a photo of your note and upload it on the website.


People who are interested in that will contact you themselves. After that you can sell your note by talking to them.

If you have even one rupee note, then by going to you can earn 45,000 rupees by selling it. However, there is a condition for him that that one rupee note should have the signature of RBI Governor APM Patel and its number should be 123456.

The price of one rupee note is being offered on this platform at Rs 49,999. However, after the discount, its price has been kept at Rs 44,999.

Today, 26 years ago, the printing of one rupee note has been stopped by the Government of India. Its printing was resumed in the year 2015 and one rupee note again came into circulation in the market. However, many people have old one rupee notes lying with them, which can be sold by visiting the website and making more money.

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