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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

If you see these 7 changes in the skin, then be alert, it can be a sign of liver disease

We usually ignore all the problems like itching, burning or rashes in the skin as common, but sometimes these problems can also be a sign of some disease and ignoring them can be heavy on you. 
Know here many such signs that point you towards problems related to the liver.

1. A symptom of liver damage can be the formation of bile in the blood. In such a situation, the problem of itching starts on the skin. In fact, when the liver starts to malfunction, bile starts mixing in the blood and collects on the lower part of the skin. Due to this the problem of itching occurs.

2. Yellowing of the eyes, skin and nails is also a symptom of a bad liver. Sometimes yellowness in urine also indicates liver malfunction.

3. When the liver does not work properly, the amount of estrogen in it starts increasing. Because of this, an element called tyronase increases in the body due to this. Because of this, brown or black spots or spots appear on the skin. Therefore, if you see such a problem on the skin, then do not ignore it.

4. When the estrogen level increases in the body, then small cells like a spider web appear in the skin. These are called spider angiomas. This can also be a sign that the person's liver is not working properly.

5. Blue colored rashes often occur to people and we do not pay attention to them as normal, but if this happens to you often, then understand that they can also be a sign of malfunction in your liver. It can also mean that your liver is not producing the right amount of proteins.

6. Frequent burning, itching or redness on the palm means that the hormones in your body are getting unbalanced. These also indicate liver failure.

7. Swelling in the lower abdomen is also a sign of liver failure. Do not make the mistake of ignoring this symptom and consult a specialist immediately.

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