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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Health Tips: Do Not Accidentally Consume These 5 Things With Tea, Leave Today

New Delhi. 
In India, Consuming Tea As Soon As You Wake Up In The Morning Has Become An Important Part Of The Everyday Life Of Many People. However, Something Or The Other Has To Be Consumed With Tea. But Do You Know What You Are Taking With A Cup Of Tea. Is It Affecting Your Body Positively Or Negatively? If Not, Then Let Us Tell You Which 5 Things Should Not Be Taken With Tea And What Can Harm Your Body-

Ignore Things Made Of Gram Flour

People Consume Most Of The Things Made From Gram Flour With Tea. In Which Dumplings Come At Number 1. But Let Us Tell You That By Eating Gram Flour Things With Tea, There Is A Lack Of Nutrients In The Body. Along With This, Many Diseases Related To Stomach And Digestion Can Be B.


It Is Dangerous To Consume Those Things Along With Tea Which Contain Lemon. This Can Cause Many Problems In Your Body. In Which Acidity And Digestive Diseases Are Prominent.

Raw Stuff

According To Health Experts, Salad, Sprouted Grains Or Boiled Egg Should Be Avoided With Tea. Because It Harms Your Health And Stomach A Lot.

Don't Eat Turmeric

Do Not Use Anything That Contains Turmeric With The Tea Or Immediately After Drinking It. The Chemical Elements Present In Tea And Turmeric Can Interact With Each Other And Cause Damage To The Digestive System.

Cool Things

Do Not Drink Or Drink Any Cold Thing With Or Immediately After Tea. This Can Also Worsen Your Digestive System.

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