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Monday, June 7, 2021

Do expired drugs become poison? What happens if you accidentally take an expired tablet? Find out here

There are several things to keep in mind when buying medicines. 
When buying medicine in a medical store, you also need to take a look at its expiry date. Generally we know that expired drugs should not be bought. But often even the medicines kept in our house expire and we don't even realize it. We may be informed about the expiry date of medicines kept at home only when we need them.

You may be so aware of drugs that expired drugs become toxic and their effects are lost. You may be surprised to know that the expiration data written on a drug does not mean that it becomes a poison after a certain date or that its effect wears off. Now the same question may be coming to your mind that if this happens then what is the meaning of expiry date written in medicines? Let us now give you complete information about the expiry date of medicines.

What is the true meaning of expiry date

If you buy any type of medicine you will see two dates on its pack. The first date will be manufacturing and the second date will be expiry. The manufacturing date is the date on which the drug was made. Also, on the other hand, the expiry date is the date after which the safety and guarantee of the drug manufacturer expires. Yes, expiration date does not mean that the drug becomes poison after that date. The expiration date written on the drug literally means that the company that manufactures the drug will not guarantee its safety and effectiveness after the due date. In addition, drug manufacturers do not guarantee the effectiveness of any drug after opening the bottle. In fact heat, sunlight, humidity and many other factors also affect the potency of medicines. As a result, it weakens its capacity and power even before its expiration date.

Doctors do not advise taking expired medicines

Now the question arises whether expired medicines can be taken? On this question the US Food and Drug Administration says that expired drugs should never be taken. This is very dangerous because of many unknown changes. There are a number of reasons behind this, such as how it was stored after you left the drug company and what kind of chemical changes it may have had. It should be noted that no further testing or research has been done on the use of expired drugs. According to a report, drugs such as tablets and capsules are still effective after the expiration date. While liquid medicines such as syrups, eye drops, injections and refrigerated medicines lose their potency after the expiration date, medical experts and doctors advise against using expired medicines as they can Can be dangerous.

What to do after accidentally taking expired medicine

According to a report, the manufacturer also maintains a margin period in the expiry date written on its drugs. For example, suppose there is a drug called ABCD which is about to expire in 2 years. The drug was manufactured in January 2021 and will expire in January 2023. But the company will keep its expiry date in June 2022 instead of January 2023 with a margin period of about 6 months on that drug. This is because if a person inadvertently inadvertently takes the drug a few days after the expiration date, he will not be harmed further. According to the report, there have been some cases in which people have complained of headaches, abdominal pain and vomiting after taking expired medicine. If you accidentally take any Xpar medicine, you should consult a doctor immediately and have a liver-kidney test to avoid any problems.

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