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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Can men and women become infertile by getting corona vaccine? know its truth

New Delhi: Applying Corona Vaccine can cause infertility in men and women, many such news and things are on social media. Now its truth has also come to the fore. The Union Health Ministry said that there is no scientific basis for male and female infertility due to anti-Covid-19 vaccine and that the vaccines are safe and effective. 

The ministry said that some media reports in the last few days have exposed the prevalence of various superstitions and myths among a section of health workers and frontline personnel including nurses. Such misinformation and rumors were also spread during the vaccination campaign against polio and measles-rubella. 

The ministry said that it has clarified in the FAQ posted on the website that none of the available vaccines affect fertility, as all vaccines and their components have been previously tested in animals. And later it is done on humans so that it can be found out that they do not have any side effects. Vaccines are authorized for use only after their safety and effectiveness have been ascertained, the statement said. 

Further, to dispel the prevailing myth about infertility due to COVID-19 vaccination, the Government of India has clarified that there is no scientific evidence that COVID-19 vaccination causes infertility in males and females, according to the statement. could. Vaccines have been found to be safe and effective. The National Group of Experts on Kovid-19 Vaccination (NEGVAC) has recommended the Kovid-19 vaccination for all breast feeding women. Describing it as safe, the group said that there is no need to stop breastfeeding before or after vaccination.

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